Message from a Yelp Customer:

We took our 5th wheel to Bay Area RV Parts and Service for warranty service because our dealer’s service department was booked out too far and we just couldn’t afford to wait. I was very impressed with the quality of service and the knowledge and attentiveness of everyone with whom I met. Bay Area RV was able to get me in the same day I called to make an appointment.  They worked closely with the manufacturer and quickly identified what was required to complete the repairs.  They even found items we had overlooked and arranged with the manufacturer to get them resolved too. They kept me informed about the the status of the repairs as parts were received from the manufacturer.

For me the most amazing part of my experience occurred when I arrived to picked up my 5th wheel.  I’m new to RVing and as a result of my own negligence I had done some very serious damage to my 5th wheel hitch.  The maintenance team at Bay Area RV Parts and Service pulled the damaged hitch out of my truck, called the manufacturer for guidance, and repaired it for me on the spot.  My hitch wasn’t even a brand they carry… and they offered this extraordinary service at no extra charge!  This level of service is so rare today.  As you can probably tell, they have won me as a customer for all future service on my 5th wheel.

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